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Student Parking

Parking Registration

  • Online student parking registration for the 2022-23 Academic Year opens Tuesday July 12 @ 10am.
  • Permits will be mailed, and students may use the FlashParking app (Android)  (iPhone app here) for deck/lot entry until mailed permit is received.
  • Commuter Students: Parking fees are based on usage.

Emory policy prohibits residential freshmen students from parking on campus. 

Permit Parking FAQs

Checking Your Parking Usage

Students may login with their Emory NetID and password.

Check My Parking Usage

NOTE:  Student parking fees are paid through your student financial account.

Keep your Vehicle Information updated

  1. Only use the vehicle page located on your myaccount.parking.emory.edu portal.
  2. Always add any new vehicle that you plan to bring to campus. You are allowed to have up to 4 vehicles registered.
  3. Edit your vehicle details if necessary. License plate information is important and should always be updated if a license plate is changed.
  4. Remove any vehicles that you no longer own or drive to campus.*

Only vehicles listed on your myaccount parking portal will be considered registered.

*Do Not use the Flash Parking mobile app to edit your vehicles.  Changes you make on the Flash app are not updated on the Emory system.  We are working to enable this function in the future.

Student Parking Fees*
















ResidentialNot Applicable$336$336Student Account
Billed at
Start of Semester
Commuter Undergraduate$6/dayCapped at $336/semesterCapped at $336/semesterStudent Account
Billed Monthly
Sept - May
Commuter Graduate & Professional$6/dayCapped at $336/semesterCapped at $336/semesterStudent Account
Billed Monthly
Sept - Aug
Graduating students
last billed in May
*Prices effective through July 2022.

Off-Peak Parking

Option for students with afternoon/evening classes/labs. Regular daily rate applies if permit is used to enter the deck before 2:00 pm





StudentsEvening – After 2 pm,
Monday – Friday
Monthly Cap of $10
Student Account

Please have vehicle information on hand before beginning the registration process.

Disclaimer: The evening rate ($1/day, capped at $10/month) only applies to parking after 2 pm. If you park at any point before 2 pm, you will be charged the $6/day rate, which is capped at $336/semester. Thus, it is possible to be charged two different rates within the same month depending on when you park. For example, Student A parks after 2 pm 18 times in a month. Student A also parks before 2 pm 2 times that month. Student A will be charged $22 ($10 evening rate cap + [$6 daily rate X 2]=$22). 

Online Parking Permit Registration

Purchase Online Now

What you'll need:

1. Your Emory NETID and password.
2. State and license plate numbers for the vehicles you are registering.
3. The make, model, year, and color of your vehicle.