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Student Parking

Winter Vehicle Storage

Campus Residents: 

  • Campus residents must notify and receive approval from TPS regarding their intent to store their vehicle on campus and their desired storage location. 
  • There will be no additional fees to store your vehicle on campus.  

Commuter Students: 

  • Commuter students can request vehicle storage by contacting TPS.  
  • Commuter students will store their vehicle in the Starvine Visitor Parking Deck.  
  • Students will provide their parking permit number so that TPS can validate their storage.  
  • The winter break storage fee is $100, and the student’s fall semester parking fees (including winter storage) will not exceed $336. 
    • Ex. 1 – Student A has paid $100 in parking charges. For winter vehicle storage, they will pay $100, which would be a $200 semester total. 
    • Ex. 2 – Student B has paid $300 in parking charges. For winter vehicle storage, they will pay $36, which would equal the $336 maximum parking cap for the semester.  

 Contact parking@emory.edu to submit your request for winter vehicle storage.  

Parking Registration

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  • Online student parking registration is open. https://myaccount.parking.emory.edu/Account/Portal
  • Purchased student permits can only be picked up at the parking office and will not be mailed. Permit pick-up BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. You will receive the link to book your appointment in your permit purchase email confirmation Permit pick-up BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. 
  • Permits were activated on August 15th.
  • If you will no longer be residing at your permanent mailing address on file after August 10th, please select Campus Pick Up. You will receive a scheduled time and location to pick up your permit.
  • Commuter Students: Although our pricing structure is changing, you will not need to do anything on your end to be charged per use rather than the capped amount. Our system will be able to detect your usage and determine which billing structure suits your parking needs.
  • Commuter Students: Acquiring a permit does not mean that you will pay a monthly fee for parking. Instead, you will only be charged for your usage.

Emory policy prohibits residential freshmen students from parking on campus. However, we understand that there will be students with special circumstances that require an exception to this policy. In order to be considered for an exception, please email parking@emory.edu. Exceptions granted will be valid through 12/31/2020.

Permit Parking FAQs

Student Parking Fees

Student parking fee changes took effect on August 15th. 
















ResidentialNot Applicable$336$336Student Account
Billed at
Start of Semester
Commuter Undergraduate$6/dayCapped at $336/semesterCapped at $336/semesterStudent Account
Billed Monthly
Sept - May
Commuter Graduate & Professional$6/dayCapped at $336/semesterCapped at $336/semesterStudent Account
Billed Monthly
Sept - Aug
Graduating students
last billed in May

Off-Peak Parking

Option for students with afternoon/evening classes/labs. Regular daily rate applies if permit is used to enter the deck before 2:00 pm





StudentsEvening – After 2 pm,
Monday – Friday
Monthly Cap of $10
Student Account

Please have vehicle information on hand before beginning the registration process.

Disclaimer: The evening rate ($1/day, capped at $10/month) only applies to parking after 2 pm. If you park at any point before 2 pm, you will be charged the $6/day rate, which is capped at $336/semester. Thus, it is possible to be charged two different rates within the same month depending on when you park. For example, Student A parks after 2 pm 18 times in a month. Student A also parks before 2 pm 2 times that month. Student A will be charged $22 ($10 evening rate cap + [$6 daily rate X 2]=$22). 

Online Parking Permit Registration

Purchase Online Now

What you'll need:

1. Your Emory NETID and password.
2. State and license plate numbers for the vehicles you are registering.
3. The make, model, year, and color of your vehicle.