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Campus Parking Guide

See the Complete Rules and Regulations here.

The Basics

Parking at Emory University provides students, employees, patients, and visitors with safe, secure, and convenient parking. 

University traffic and parking assignments can change by various events, including the following:

  • Student move-in and move-out days
  • Commencement
  • Construction
  • Other circumstances

Please take every reasonable precaution to prevent theft and vehicular damage. Such measures include closing all windows, locking all doors, parking in designated areas only, following all traffic signs, and refraining from displaying valuables such as purses, bags, laptops, GPS, and other electronics.

Emory University is not responsible for any damage or theft from vehicles or theft of vehicles parked on Emory property. This is the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner or operator.

Should a theft or vehicle damage occur while parked on Emory property, contact the Emory Police Department for reporting and investigative purposes at 404.727.8005.

Rules and regulations are subject to change. Changes will be posted on our website.