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Transportation &
Parking Services

Transportation and Parking Services supports biking for the Emory Community through advocacy and investments in bicycle infrastructure, including bike racks, bike rentals, and  multi-use pathways. 

NOTICE! Everyone may now submit a Bike Rental request for Fall 2024. The randomly-selected requestors will be notified on Aug. 24, 2024, to set up a time and date to stop by our office to rent a bike and other accessories that we offer (Helmet, lock and deposit fees). We have a limited number of bikes for rent. If not selected on August 24th, your rental request will be placed on the waiting list for the Fall rental period. Rental bikes will be due back prior to or on Dec. 6, 2024.

Use this link to initiate the rental process.  

Bike Rentals

EPD Bike Registration

 TPS recommends that all bicycle users register their bikes with the Emory police department. Register your bike by clicking here

Campus Bike Parking Rules

  • Bicycles should only be secured to designated bike racks found throughout campus. You can view the bike rack map online.
  • TPS will remove and impound bicycles secured in any way to objects other than designated bike racks or blocking ADA access. This includes:
    • Railings, handrails, and guardrails, especially those railings or other objects that may be required by persons with mobility impairments.
    • Areas that restrict egress for life safety purposes or in any area that would impede or restrict pedestrian or vehicular traffic
  • The University is not responsible for damage to locking devices that require removal because they are secured to objects other than designated bike racks or are abandoned. If the bicycle is registered with Emory Police and/or the National Bike Registry, the owner will be contacted at the residence on file.
  • Impounded bicycles will be held for thirty (30) days, after which the bicycles will be recycled. If you believe your bike has been impounded, please email commute@emory.edu.
  • Bicycles that are abandoned for more than fourteen (14) days in a bike rack will be impounded. To report an abandoned bike, please email commute@emory.edu.

Campus Resources

The Fixie To have your bike looked at, repaired, or just learn how to take care of your bike, visit the Fixie! The Fixie is the volunteer-run D.I.Y. bicycle repair shop on Emory’s campus, led by Emory Bike Social and the Emory Spokes Council. Come on over to access tools and knowledge to fix your bike in a laid-back environment. Check out Emory Bike Social’s Facebook page  or email questions to EmoryBikeSocial@gmail.com. The Fixie operates on Thursdays from 5PM - 7PM. The Fixie is located at 2 Eagle Row, inside the parking garage that is directly across from the Kaldi’s Depot.

Emory Employee Cycling Network (EECN) strives to create a more active cycling community and environment among Emory faculty and staff with an emphasis on advocacy, social activities, and cycling/commuting education. You can join the EECN listserv by sending an email to FACULTYSTAFFCYCLING-request@LISTSERV.CC.EMORY.EDU. Visit their Facebook page.

Emory Bike Social is an undergraduate student group dedicated to supporting and advocating a healthy sustainable bicycle community at Emory. They collaborate with the Emory Spokes Council to run the Fixie, a free bike repair shop on campus, and organize a variety of social rides and educational events about cycling in Atlanta. For more information contact them at EmoryBikeSocial@gmail.com. Visit their Facebook page.

Emory Spokes Council is a graduate student group that connects, supports, and advocates for Emory's Bicycle Community. To accomplish these goals, they host regular bike socials, regular open shop hours at the Fixie, bike workshops, and special awareness and advocacy events. For more information contact them at emory.spokes.council@gmail.comVisit their Facebook page.

Bike Skills Education

View these Smart Cycling Videos provided by The League of American Bicyclists. These Smart Cycling videos will help you understand how to ride safely, improve comfort, find the right bike and gear, and your rights as a bicyclist. 

Biking at Emory