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Emory supports a bicycling culture for those who cycle to campus, as well as those who cycle around campus. Consider cycling to work or class as a healthier alternative to driving.

Emory's Bicycle Commuter program provides incentives to employees and graduate students who choose to cycle instead of drive to campus. Once cyclists register, they receive a backup commute option, which will allow them to park on campus or use an alternative mode of transport in the event of inclement weather.

Get rewarded for your active commute via GA Commute—powered by Georgia Commute Options—for how you choose to arrive on campus. Click here to sign up!

Graduate Student Bike and Walk Registration

Bike Champ Ambassadors
We know that the first ride (or rides) on a bike commute can be daunting so we’ve assembled a group of expert bike commuters. Please meet our very first Emory Bike Champ Ambassadors cohort!

Bike Champ Ambassadors


Walking to work is one of the healthiest and most inexpensive commute options available.