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Paratransit Service

All Emory shuttles are equipped with a lift or ramp to enhance accessibility for passengers who use utilize an assistive mobility device or have significant mobility impairments.  Eligibility for use of paratransit services is determined by Emory’s Department of Accessibility Services.  Instructions for registering with DAS for use of paratransit services is provided below.

How to Apply

To qualify for paratransit services, please register with the Department of Accessibility Services  Describe your condition, extent of your impairment, limitations, and duration of need for paratransit services within the form.  DAS will inform you if supporting medical documentation is needed based on your circumstances.  Once eligibility is established, DAS will send a referral to TPS to initiate paratransit services.

  • Registered Student: complete and submit a registration form here.
  • Faculty/Staff: complete and submit a registration form here.
  • Campus Visitor: send your request by email to accessibility@emory.edu

Curb to Curb Service for Registered Users

Paratransit is an advanced reservation, shared ride, curb to curb service provided by Emory TPS for registered users.

The service is available Mon-Fri between the hours of 6:15am-8:30pm. Once qualified, passengers must schedule trips at least 24 hours in advance. The vehicle will pick up and drop off only on Emory’s Main Campus. 

Paratransit is a shared ride service so riders may have to stop and pick up another passenger and drop them off before being dropped off. Customers can track the paratransit bus live using the Transloc Rider app on a smart phone.  Under the routes, choose paratransit and you will see the location of the bus on the map.

MARTA Mobility

MARTA Mobility is a shared ride, advance reservation mode of public transit. These buses operate in an ADA-designated service area within Fulton, DeKalb and Clayton Counties and the City of Atlanta along a 3/4-mile corridor located on each side of all fixed bus routes and in a 3/4-mile radius of each station. Riders must have a MARTA mobility photo ID BreezeCard to be able to request and board MARTA Mobility buses.

More information can be found at https://www.itsmarta.com/marta-mobility.aspx

To request an application or obtain information about MARTA Mobility, call the MARTA Mobility Eligibility Department at (404) 848-5389; Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM. A MARTA Mobility Service Agent will explain the service and/or mail an application. The fax number for Mobility Eligibility is 404-848-6900.

To request information in another language or in an accessible format call  404-848-4037/ 404-848-5665- TTY

How to Apply

To qualify for paratransit service, please complete an application with the Office of Accessibility Services.

Service Request Form

Make a Reservation

Schedule your trip within Emory Main Campus at least 24 hours in advance Mon-Fri between the hours of 6:15am-8:30pm.