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2021-22 Campus Parking

We will be welcoming all Emory Faculty, Staff, and Students back to our Atlanta and Oxford campuses for the fall 2021 semester.

We will also continue to follow and adapt to CDC and Georgia Department of Public Health guidelines, including protocols surrounding face coverings, physical distancing, and testing during the fall semester.


Parking Assignments

In 2020, due to decreased parking demand, we temporarily assigned permit holders to park in deck locations closer to their work area. In advance of a full return to campus in August 2021, we have transitioned back to pre-pandemic parking assignments.

  • If you have purchased a permit since August 2020, then you have the current permit and do not need to do anything further. 
  • If you have been to campus recently and the gate opened for you, then you have the current permit and do not need do anything further.
  • To confirm your permit status before coming to campus, visit https://myaccount.parking.emory.edu/Account/Portal and attempt to register for a permit. The system will alert you of your current permit status. If the system allows you to register, we will mail the new permit to you. 
Note: You will retain your pre-pandemic parking assignment if you register by August 31, 2021.

Students    Faculty/Staff

Permit Fees

Emory's parking pricing structure is based on usage that better accommodates the various ways our community commutes to campus, resulting in cost-saving alternatives. Fees are based on daily use with monthly/semester caps, which align to the previous fee structure for annual permit holders. 

Students    Faculty/Staff

Shuttle service

The health and safety of our community are our top priorities, so expect changes to shuttle operations and safety protocols, mask requirements, increased disinfection, and full seated shuttle capacity limits.



Current as of 1:04pm Wednesday, 8/25/2021

Protect Yourself & Others
Protect Yourself & Others
Return to Campus

Good hygiene, particularly hand hygiene, can reduce the risk of many infections, including COVID-19.

For additional shuttle information, email us at shuttles@emory.edu

For additional parking information, email us at parking@emory.edu