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FY20-21 University Faculty & Staff Parking

Parking Assignments

FY 20-21 parking assignments support increased walkability and decrease the shuttle demand for shorter trips whenever possible. Your flexibility with these changes will allow for resources to be directed to non-walkable routes and to effectively support physical distancing. University employees will be able to park in the Fishburne, Gambrell, Peavine, Michael Street or Starvine parking decks.

Employee Temporary  Assignments (FY21)
  • Pre-COVID parking location assignments remain in effect as the employee’s primary parking assignment. For example, if you were assigned to the Fishburne parking deck, your primary location will remain Fishburne parking deck.
  •  In addition to their primary parking assignment, Emory employee permits will continue to have access to the Starvine, Michael Street, Fishburne, Gambrell and Peavine parking decks until August 15, 2021. 
  • The Oxford Road Building parking deck is not open to all employee permits.
  • This parking assignment approach (outlined above) is valid through August 15, 2021.  


  • Registration for Faculty/Staff parking is now live.  https://myaccount.parking.emory.edu/Account/Portal
  • All university employees who wish to park in the fall must register for a new permit, as new parking technology will be utilized.

  • All permits will be mailed.
  • Although our pricing structure is changing, our system will be able to detect your usage and determine which billing structure suits your parking needs. There is nothing you need to do to ensure correct billing.
  • Acquiring a permit does not mean that you will pay a monthly fee for parking. Instead, you will only be charged for your usage.
  • Smart Commute Programs: These programs and associated parking permit requirements will be updated this fall and details are available here

Permit Parking FAQs

Checking Your Parking Usage

Faculty and staff may login with their Emory NetID and password to check their parking usage and transactions by clicking here.

NOTE:  Employees paying for parking via payroll deduction will see the prior month usage and respective charges on their pay stub.  For example, the January paystub will reflect the parking charges for the month of December.

How to keep your Vehicle Information updated:

  1. Only use the vehicle page located on your myaccount.parking.emory.edu portal.
  2. Always add any new vehicle that you plan to bring to campus. You are allowed to have up to 4 vehicles registered.
  3. Edit your vehicle details if necessary. License plate information is important and should always be updated if a license plate is changed.
  4. Remove any vehicles that you no longer own or drive to campus.

Only vehicles listed on your myaccount parking portal will be considered registered.

Do Not use the Flash Parking mobile app to edit your vehicles.  Changes you make on the Flash app are not updated on the Emory system.  We are working to enable this function in the future.

University Employee Parking Fees

The new parking fee structure for all University faculty/staff permit holders automatically became effective on September 1.


Daily Cost



Faculty & Staff


Capped at $56/month

Payroll Deduction

Off-Peak Parking

Option for evening shift employees. Regular daily rate applies if permit is used to enter the deck before 2:00pm.


Permit Type



Faculty & Staff

Evening – After 2 pm, 
Monday – Friday

Monthly Cap of $10

Payroll Deduction

Disclaimer: The evening rate ($1/day, capped at $10/month) only applies to parking after 2 pm. If you park at any point before 2 pm, you will be charged the $6/day rate, which is capped at $56/month. Thus, it is possible to be charged two different rates within the same month depending on when you park. For example, Employee A parks after 2 pm 18 times in a month. Employee A also parks before 2 pm 2 times that month. Employee A will be charged $22 ($10 evening rate cap + [$6 daily rate X 2]=$22).