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B Express

Route travels Clifton Road between Woodruff Circle and Campus Crossing Apartments.


A new stop for the B and B-Express shuttle will be added at the existing MARTA stop on Briarcliff Road NE at Johnson Road near Kroger.

Next Scheduled Departure:

at Woodruff Circle Transit Hub
Runs Weekdays 7:15PM - 10:25PM

All Stops

  • Woodruff Circle Transit Hub
  • Clifton @ Haygood
  • Clifton @ Gatewood (Woodruff Residential)
  • Clifton @ 1525 Clifton Rd
  • Clifton @ 1599 Clifton Rd
  • Clifton @ Emory Point/CDC Parkway
  • Briarcliff @ Campus Crossing Apts.
  • Briarcliff @ Johnson Road NE (MARTA)
  • Clifton @ CDC Pkwy & Emory Point
  • Clifton @ Nursing School
  • Clifton @ WHSCAB
To report shuttle delays or problems, call 404.727.1829 or email commute@emory.edu

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