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Cut Costs. Make Friends. Share the Ride.

Carpools and vanpools provide flexibility and the point-to-point convenience of car travel along with the opportunity to dramatically cut fuel costs, get free/cheaper parking, utilize HOV lanes, and reduce wear and tear on your personal vehicle.

Carpool Program at Emory

Emory subsidizes the cost of parking on the main Clifton Campus as follows:

  • 2 employees = $29.50 per month total for an annual parking permit ($31.25 per month effective September 1 2023)
  • 3+ employees = Subsidized annual parking permit

All non-primary driver carpool participants receive a parking pass to park in an assigned deck up to 20 times per year at no additional cost. Registration is required in order to receive subsidies. 


To qualify for university-sponsored incentives, carpoolers work in the Clifton Road corridor and must be either

  • Active full-time regular Emory University or Emory Healthcare employees, or
  • Active part-time regular Emory University or Emory Healthcare employees (work a minimum of twenty hours per week).

Two or more Emory employees can organize a carpool and register to receive incentives.

Register to Receive Incentives

Programs and Incentives

Carpooling is an ideal cost-saving arrangement, particularly for those individuals who commute long distances to and from work each day, have limited access to public transit, and arrive and depart from work on a relatively set schedule.

Carpool Basics

For employee carpools, the primary driver and secondary participants must apply for the carpool. Once all the participants have registered in the carpool, the participants will be contacted by TPS staff with instructions for picking up the new parking permit.

The primary driver of a carpool with 2 employees pays $29.50 per month for a parking permit. ($31.25 per month beginning September 1 2023)

The primary driver of a carpool with 3 or more employees may receive a free parking permit.

2 and 3+ person employee carpools are eligible to park in designated carpool spaces which are available in certain decks.

Carpool parking assignments are determined by TPS with consideration of requested location.


Apps like Uber, Lyft, Waze, and Scoop make it easy to access flexible transportation options. When using these apps, please remember not to use Woodruff Circle Transit Hub as your pick - up or drop - off address. Woodruff Circle is restricted to bus traffic only. On Emory’s main campus, use this address instead:

640 Means Drive
Atlanta, GA 30322