Parking Permit

Parking on the Emory Campus is either designated for visitors or requires the display of a valid permit. Only permits issued by TPS are valid. Permits are the property of Emory University. Parking assignment is based on the requested location and the parking allocation schedule. Permits are non-transferrable and are for use by the permit holder.

Occasionally, TPS will reserve spaces for special events, which will make them temporarily unavailable to permit holders. We attempt to minimize this inconvenience whenever possible.

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Any permit purchased requires submission of vehicle information for all vehicles which will be used with the permit. Vehicle information includes the Make, Model, Color, Style (2 dr, 4 dr, SUV, etc.) and State Issued License Plate number. Failure to maintain current vehicle information with Parking Services will result in additional fine.

Acceptance of a permit indicates acknowledgement and agreement to abide by the TPS Rules and Regulations.
  • Parking privileges may be suspended or revoked for violation of TPS Rules and Regulations.

  • Employees who pay for permit through payroll deduction should contact TPS if the employee will be on extended leave to avoid accumulation of permit fees and/or deactivation of permit.

  • Permit ownership is nontransferable.

  • Falsifying information in order to obtain a permit is a violation of parking regulations.

  • Replacement cost of a lost or stolen permit is $20, nonrefundable.

  • All vehicles that belong to the immediate family of an employee or student, whether registered with Emory or not, will be considered the responsibility of that individual. Any parking violations charged against that vehicle will be the responsibility of the individual.

  • Permit owners are responsible for maintaining current vehicle information with Parking Services.

  • Unregistered vehicles with outstanding citations will be identified through the vehicle plate information obtained from the U.S. state registration system. An additional fine will be applied if a vehicle is not registered with Parking Services.

  • Individuals with outstanding fines will not be allowed to purchase new permits until the fines are paid in full. Outstanding fines can also result in loss of parking access, immobilization of vehicle, or the vehicle being towed.

How to get a Permit

Requests for a permit can be made:
  • Online at the MyAccount website (must be classified as an eligible students or employee to request a permit online)

  • In person at the Parking office

  • Departmental permits can be requested through email at

Permit Types

Permit type is classified by duration and use.

  • Annual permits: Provides unlimited access to assigned parking area.

  • Occasional permits: Provides one access to assigned parking area per use.

  • Temporary permits: Provides unlimited access to assigned parking area during the time period purchased, up to six months.

  • Evening permit: Provides unlimited access to assigned parking area after 2:00PM, Monday – Friday. Permit is not valid for use in permit areas between 6:00AM and 2:00PM, Monday – Friday.

  • Official Business permits: Provides approval to park in Service Spaces on campus. Personal vehicles must also display a valid annual permit with Official Business to park in a Service Space. Must register in person at the parking office.

  • Motorcycle/Scooter decal: Provides approval to park in designated motorcycle/scooter parking. Must register in person at the Parking Office.

Permit Classification

Classification determines who can purchase a specific type of permit, the cost of the permit, and the accepted payment methods.

Quick Links: Student | University Employee | Healthcare Employee | Occasional Use/Eagle | Evening | Commuter | Temporary | Retiree | Motorcycle/Scooter

Student Permit
  • Annual Permit is valid for academic year 2018–2019. Expires August 14, 2019.
  • Cost is $672 for academic year 2018-2019.
  • Permits are posted to student account or paid in full in the Parking Office by cash or credit card.
  • Student classification is determined by Registrar’s Office.
  • Freshmen are not permitted to bring a vehicle to campus or purchase a parking permit.

University Employee Permit
  • Annual permit does not expire
  • Payroll eligible employees pay $56.00 per month through payroll deduction.
  • Non-payroll eligible employees or contracted employees pay the full amount of permit based on duration by cash or credit card in the Parking Office. Annual permit is $672. Temporary permit cost is prorated based on time period purchased.
  • Employee classification is determined by Human Resources.

Healthcare Employee Permit
  • Annual permit does not expire
  • Emory Healthcare subsidizes a portion of the parking fees for most Healthcare employees.
  • The subsidy level of a Healthcare permit is dependent on the assigned parking location.
  • Healthcare classification is determined by Healthcare Human Resources.

Occasional Permit – the Eagle
  • Occasional permit is valid until August 31, 2019; however, valid use of the permit is a function of the number of swipes purchased minus the number of times access is used.
  • Cost is $100/20 swipes. Additional swipes may be purchased in the following packages: 5 swipes for $25; 10 swipes for $50; 20 swipes for $100. Email us at or visit the Parking Office.
  • Occasional permit may only be used in access controlled parking decks. The occasional permit shall not be used in surface lots and is subject to enforcement. Daily scratch-off permits are provided to employees with surface lot parking.
  • Students, Employees, Contracted Employees, and departments may purchase the occasional permit.

Evening Permit
  • Annual permit is valid until August 31, 2019 and only after 2:00 pm, Monday – Friday. Permit cannot be used in permit area between 6:00 am and 2:00 pm, Monday – Friday.
  • Cost is $100.
  • Available payment methods depend on classification: student account, payroll deduction, or cash, check or credit card.

Commute Alternative Permit (CAP)
  • Annual permit is valid until August 31, 2020.
  • Eligible for registered University and Healthcare employee carpool and vanpools.
  • Cost for a 2 person carpool is $335.83.
  • TPS subsidizes the cost of a 3 person Carpool permit.
  • TPS subsidizes the cost of a Vanpool permit.

Temporary Permit
  • Valid for duration purchased up to six (6) months.
  • Cost is prorated on a daily rate based on classification of purchaser.
  • Available payment methods depend on classification: student account, payroll deduction, or cash, check or credit card.
  • Vendor maintenance and construction project parking costs and arrangements are determined on a case by case basis through the Parking Office.

Retired Permit
  • Annual permit is valid until December 31, 2019.
  • TPS subsidizes the cost of the retiree permit.
  • Retired University employees are eligible for the retired permit as long as any employment with the University is less than half time of a full time employee.
  • Classification is determined by Human Resources.

  • No decal required.
  • Vehicle must be registered with TPS.

Proration & Refunds The cost of a permit is prorated based on the type of permit and the date of purchase during the academic year. Refunds are based on the return date and the original cost of the permit. Student permits cannot be returned for a refund after March 31, 2019.

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