Electric Vehicle Charging


Level II electric vehicle charging stations powered by ChargePoint are located in the following campus parking locations:
  • Clairmont Tower, Dooley Drive - 2 spaces
  • The Clairmont Tower location is open to visitors and the Emory community.

  • Peavine II parking deck - 4 spaces
  • The Peavine deck location is open to the Emory community and to visitors after 4PM, Mon.-Fri.

  • Oxford campus - Fleming parking lot - 2 spaces New!
  • Oxford's Fleming lot location is open to visitors and the Emory community.

The hourly charging rate is $.85 per hour for the first four (4)hours and $5 per hour after four hours. The fee increases after four hours to encourage customers to move their vehicles so that other customers can access the charging stations.

Payment options

Payment options include:
  • ChargePoint pre-paid card http://www.chargepoint.com/join/

  • Credit card (customers using credit cards are required to call the toll free number on the units for authorization for each session)

All users may utilize the map at chargepoint.com to determine if the chargers are currently in use.

NOTE: Electric vehicles charging in non-designated EV charging locations are subject to citation.

About the Electric Vehicle Charging Program

Customers are asked to park at the charging stations only during an active charge.

Once the charge is complete, vehicles must be removed from the charging station so that other customers may use the chargers. Vehicles parked in EV charging spaces without an active charge are subject to citation.

Revenue from the charging stations is used by Emory University to offset electrical, infrastructure, parking and administrative costs; to maintain the chargers; and to help expand the charging program to other locations.

Rates, parking spaces and conditions may be adjusted based on data received.

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