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Georgia Commute Options - Commuter Reward Winners for January 2015

The following commuter program participants each have won a $25 gift certificate:

•Ahlgrim, Nathan
•Baigis, Molly
•Barocas, Arlene C.
•Bice, Mark E.
•Carter, Trase D.
•Cowan, Debora (Debbie) A.
•Dunn, Dina
•Elbein, Rivka S.
•Graiser, Michael A.
•Green, Elgin
•Griffin, Sonja D.
•Huerkamp, Michael J.
•Jenkins, Paul
•Joseph, Giji
•Kitchens, Amy M.
•Mathis, Rhonda
•Parsons, Bennie E.
•Smith, Sitara B.
•Tichacek, Amanda
•Vanderlande, Deborah C.
•Whatley White, Terez M.
•Yoshioka, Sei
•Young, Leita K.

Is Metro Atlanta Ready for a High-Tech Future?

How often do you think about the impact of faster, better technology on our future? Have you heard of driverless cars? How could advanced teleworking technology impact the way you live and work? Or, what if you had an app on your phone that would match your transportation need with the most appropriate, efficient mode available (think bus, Uber, taxi, etc)? If additional transit-connected employment centers emerge in the south, east and west of the region, how would this impact you?

An online regional survey being conducted by the Atlanta Regional Commission poses these questions and more to find out how you think new technologies that may impact where and how we travel and live over the next 25 years. Input from this survey will be used to help ARC develop The Region’s Plan which guides public policies related to issues of transportation, land use, water quality and conservation, workforce development and aging and health resources.

The survey is visual, interactive and brief. It allows for open-ended comments throughout.

This survey is available here and is open from now through the end of March 2015. Please contact Melissa Roberts, Atlanta Regional Commission with any questions at or 404-463-3272.

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A Route Service Change

Effective January 20, 2015, the A-route will no longer serve Budd Terrace or Wesley Woods Healthcare Center. A new stop has been created at Wesley Woods Hospital and shuttles will continue to serve the Tower.

For more information: Click Here

C - Toco Hills Route Update

Effective Saturday, January 17th, 2015, the C-Toco Hills route has been enhanced to include round trip service from Woodruff Circle and the Clairmont Campus.

For more information: Click Here

TPS is very excited to announce a NEW on-campus partnership with Enterprise CarShare, coming Sept. 2nd, 2014. This new partnership will replace ZipCar and continues our commitment to providing students, employees, and departments with an alternate method of transportation to go where you want, when you want.

Membership includes
- Access to vehicles on-campus
- Online vehicle reservations
- Vehicles in convenient, designated parking spots (in the same locations as the Zipcar spots)
- Vehicles available 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week for business use

For more information, visit

Go where you want, when you want...!


In partnership with vRide, we are forming a new vanpool from the South DeKalb area to the Emory campus to help optimize our employees' commute.

  • Vanpool ID#: VPSD2014

  • Serving areas: Ellenwood, South DeKalb area and Clifton Corridor

  • Work Hours: 7:00AM - 4:00PM

  • AM Departure time: 6:10 am from Big Bear Grocery Store

  • Arrival time: 6:35 Emory Campus/Means Drive (kiss and ride turn-around)

  • PM Departure Time: 4:15PM Starvine/Clairmont campus deck

  • Capacity: 15

  • Available seats: 12

Please contact us directly at for more information about joining or forming a vanpool in your area.


A new parking deck custodial contract (Kaney & Lane) now includes recycling bins in the decks. The gray bins located throughout the decks have stickers on them signifying what is recyclable and what is trash.

A parking deck trash audit performed last year by Campus Services' Deena Keeler and several student volunteers netted the following results:

Parking deck audit results - a total of 278 lbs. of waste was audited (collected over three days from all parking facilities)

  • 90% of the material collected came from fast food outlets

  • Of the trash, the following items were pulled out as recyclable:
    • 86 lbs. of paper

    • 50 lbs. of plastic

    • 6 lbs. of aluminum

    • 37 lbs. of wood waste/plastic film

    Overall, this produced a 64.4% diversion rate away from the landfill.

Transportation & Parking Services (TPS) is very excited about this collaborative effort between Campus Services’ recycling initiative and their parking customers.


Online STUDENT parking registration for the 2013-2014 Academic Year is now live.

Before purchasing a parking permit online, students are advised to review this page first and read it carefully.

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No more back-in or pull-through parking

Emory TPS is in the process of implementing license plate recognition as an enforcement tool for campus parking. All vehicles must be parked head-in so that the license plate is visible from the drive lane.

Additionally, any vehicle that you intend to bring to campus must be registered and linked to your parking permit. Please update your vehicle registration information as directed below.

You could be ticketed for either of these infractions.

  • Login to using your NetID/password;

  • Select "My permit(s)" and follow the prompts to verify or add registered vehicle information;

  • To remove or change vehicle information contact Parking Services at

We appreciate your cooperation as we continue to serve the Emory community.

Out late on campus? Use SafeRide or NightOwl to get home safely

If you are out late on campus, you should always travel in groups of two or more people. If you need to walk alone and want an escort, call for a SafeRide escort.

TPS and the Emory Police Department provide SafeRide service for employees and students. The program provides a safe escort to an employee or student who feels unsafe travelling to areas of campus that are not directly served by shuttle service or for those times when the shuttle service (Nightowl) is not in operation.

The SafeRide may be a walking, golf cart or vehicle escort to your on-campus destination. SafeRide operates from 9:00 pm–5:00 am. To request SafeRide, call 404.727.7555.

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