Paratransit Service


Welcome to Emory University’s Paratransit Service operated by Transportation and Parking Services (TPS) in collaboration with the Office of Accessibility Services (OAS).  This guide is intended to help you gain access to our services.


General Information
Paratransit service is a shared-ride, curb-to-curb service offered to University/Healthcare students, faculty and staff who require special mobility access not offered by the university’s shuttle service within the main campus area.  A shared ride means that if you use Paratransit, we may schedule other riders for the same trip.  This service is provided as an accommodation for your disability.  Note:  All Emory shuttles are accessible.  Visit for service hours and schedules. 


Personal Care Attendants (PCA) and/or service animals are allowed to accompany registered passengers; however, PCA’s will not be transported without the registered participant.


The Paratransit driver will assist persons, in a wheelchair, when entering/exiting the vehicle lift system.  The driver will not assist passengers in getting to/from buildings nor lift the passenger in any manner.


TPS will allow one courtesy transport for an unregistered passenger (usually to transport to OAS to begin the registration process).  All passengers are required to register with OAS.  For more information regarding the process, please visit you are registered, OAS will assign you an OAS Client Number to be used when scheduling trips and will notify TPS of your eligibility status. 


Scheduling Trips
Registered OAS Clients will contact the TPS Paratransit Coordinator by submitting a Paratransit Recurring Trip Request Form to request transport Monday-Friday, 6:30am-8:00pm.


Every effort will be made to accommodate requested times/locations.  Schedules are generated on a first come, first served basis so there may be times when your requested time is not available.  Actual scheduled times/locations, for recurring trips, will be confirmed via email.  OAS clients should arrive at the pick-up location 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time and allow enough time to accommodate delays due to traffic and/or combined trips.  Drivers may wait 2-5 minutes after the scheduled time unless they have other passengers waiting.


Cancel/Change a Reservation
To cancel or change a reservation, OAS clients should call 404-712-8917 or email the day before or as soon as possible.  Any changes/cancellations made for after 4:30pm Friday – 7:30am Monday should be made via email.

The Paratransit driver is not allowed to make changes to your schedule.  All changes, cancellations, and new trips must be scheduled through TPS.


It is the responsibility of OAS clients to cancel any trips that are no longer needed and/or if you will not arrive by the scheduled pickup time.  Repeated failure to utilize your reserved trip time may result in a temporary suspension of service.


Respect for Paratransit Policy
It is understood that there will be emergencies that cause last minute changes.  If this occurs, the OAS clients should notify TPS at 404-727-1523 as soon as possible.  We expect that you will follow these guidelines and assist us in providing the best service possible for our community.  Thank you in advance!



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