Graduate Student Commute Alternatives / Parking Permits

Bike or Walk to campus? Get a free MARTA card as a back-up commute alternative.

To Qualify for the Program

1. You must be a graduate student.
2. You must live more than 1 mile from campus.
3. Your primary commute method to campus must be biking or walking.
4. You don’t have an annual parking permit.

How the Program Works

If a graduate student forgoes an annual parking permit and registers that they bike/walk as their primary commute method to reach campus and live more than 1 mile from campus, they can receive two 20 trip MARTA Breeze cards (one per semester) as a backup commute method. Graduate students may also purchase swipes on an Eagle Pass but may not have a regular parking pass. Funding for this program is limited and applications are processed in the order in which they are received. To register for and receive the 20 Trip MARTA card please fill out the form below.

Fill out this online form.

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