Fleet Services FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicle Repair/Service - Unscheduled/Emergency

Q: My vehicle needs servicing. What do I do? 
A: Your first step is to call the service shop at 404.857.7514. You'll need to tell them the vehicle number, your name and department contact information, and what seems to be wrong with it. If the vehicle is safe to drive, take it to the service shop at 1381 Dalon Road | Atlanta, GA 30306.

Q: My vehicle is disabled/unsafe to drive.
A: Again, call the service shop at 404.857.7514. Tell them the vehicle number, your name and department contact information, and the location of the disabled vehicle. They will arrange for an on-location visit or towing service for the vehicle.

Q: I've had an accident. What do I do? 
A: First, contact 911. (If you are on or very close to campus, EPD will likely respond first.) Then call 404.727.7555 and be prepared to give the necessary information.
Contact Fleet Services at 404.727.1927/7207 as soon as possible with accident information.

Emissions Inspection / Registration Information

Q: I use a vehicle that belongs to Emory University, what do I need to know about its registration?
A: Make sure that the registration is in the vehicle and that it matches that vehicle. Check the date - make sure that the registration is current. Also make sure the insurance card is in the vehicle and also current.

Q: What is my responsibility with regard to the annual registration for the Emory vehicle that I use?
A: Every year Fleet Services schedules emission inspection of all Emory vehicles requiring an emission inspection. This event takes place in January every year and takes place on campus. January emission dates are announced in mid-December. Contact csfleet@emory.edu if you want to receive notice. Users of eligible vehicle must assist in scheduling an emission inspection in January/February with Fleet Services following notification of the schedule.

Q: Do all Emory vehicles require annual emissions inspections?
A: Vehicles whose model year is older than 3 years from the current year and vehicles weighing under 8500 lbs. which includes most pickup trucks, sedans. New vehicles of the last 3 model years and vehicles over 8500 lbs. are not required to have an emission test. See the following link for more specific information: http://www.cleanairforce.com/motorists/emissions-testing/frequently-asked-questions/

Q: What if I have use of an LSV (low speed vehicle) which has a plate?
A: LSV’s do not require an emission test.

Q: If my vehicle does not require an emission inspection, can Fleet Services obtain the vehicle registration without further action on my part?
A: Yes.

Q: What do I do following the vehicle inspection test?
A: If the vehicle passes, Fleet services will obtain the annual registration renewal for the vehicle.

Q: What do I do if the vehicle I use fails to pass emission inspection?
A: If the vehicle fails to pass the initial inspection, it must be taken to the vehicle maintenance department of First Transit or other vendor to be checked out and prepared for retesting. Vehicles which continue to fail to pass can apply for a special exemption from the emission test through the Clean Air Campaign provided there is documentation showing vehicle has had approximately $850 in repair work for the prior 6 months.

Q: How quickly must I act if my vehicle fails to pass inspection?
A: Vehicles can retest at any time. Retests done within 30 days will avoid additional charge for the emission inspection. Vehicles should be retested within 30 days of failing to pass inspection otherwise, the new registration will not be obtained in a timely manner and the additional charge will be incurred for emission testing.

Q: How does my vehicle registration proceed after passing emissions?
A: If the vehicle passes inspection, Fleet Services will obtain the renewal registration decal from the proper county. Times for decal pick up will be communicated to all departments having Emory Fleet vehicles as to when they can pick up the new vehicle registrations.

Q: What do I do with the new vehicle registration after I pick it up at the designated location?
A: Place the decal on the license plate where the registration directs it should be placed. Clean the area, remove expired decals if needed to obtain a secure, tight fit for the decal. Place the vehicle registration receipt form in the blue Emory folder inside your glove compartment.

Q: What documentation do I need to provide in the event of an accident or being pulled over?
A: Be able to provide the fleet insurance card and vehicle registration from the glove compartment and make sure you are driving with your driver’s license.

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