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Welcome to Emory's Transportation Services site. We work closely with the Clifton Corridor Transportation Management Association (CCTMA) and Georgia Commute Options to offer programs and incentives that help to make your commute easier. Please review this site to find information about Emory's Cliff shuttle system and other commute programs.

Interested in a commute alternative (carpool/vanpool/bike/walk/public transit)? We'll be happy to help you figure out your best options. Just fill out this Custom Commute Planning form.

Already have a commute alternative in mind?(carpool/vanpool/bike/walk/public transit)? Complete and submit this form to register.

Graduate students register here for commute incentives.

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Emory's carpooling program is designed to reduce traffic congestion and parking demand at the main campus on Clifton Road. Emory works with Georgia Commute Options to offer carpool incentives, provide ongoing support and information, and assist employees and students in obtaining ride match lists.

Visit the Carpool page for more information about programs and incentives.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Located beneath the Clairmont Tower on the Clairmont campus. More info here...

Enterprise CarShare at Emory

We are very pleased with our continuing partnership with Enterprise CarShare. This partnership provides Emory students, employees, and departments with a convenient and flexible method of transportation.

We're pleased to offer this service in support of our Commute Alternative Program (CAP) members who might need a vehicle during the workday for errands, appointments or off-campus meetings. Find out more at

Emory's Cliff Shuttle System

Emory's Cliff shuttle system serves the University's main campus, Oxford College, Emory University Hospital and Clinics, and the Clifton Corridor.

The fleet is 100% alternatively-fueled, fully accessible, and equipped with bicycle racks.

Visit the shuttle page for routes and schedule information.


Vanpools provide an inexpensive commute option for small groups of seven to fifteen commuters who live and work in the same area, have similar work hours, and want to share their commute in a leased van.

Visit the Vanpool page for more information.

Public Transit

Emory supports public transportation in the Metro Atlanta area and encourages faculty, staff and students to take advantage of public transit to access Emory's campuses.

Visit the Public Transit page for more information.

Bike / Walk

Visit the Bike page for more information about Bike Emory's bike rental program.

Emory Bike Social and Emory Spokes Council are student groups dedicated to supporting bicyclists at Emory. They organize a variety of social and educational events to help you get on your bike. For more information contact Emory Bike Social and Emory Spokes Council.


We understand that your commute is as much a part of your day as your work.  We also understand that sometimes, unexpected things happen and plans change so you need a backup.  We offer several incentives to help make choosing an alternative commute easier.
Registered Commute Alternative Program Participants can choose from ONE of the following 3 options:

  • 20 Swipe Occasional Use Parking Permit. This permit is preloaded with free* 'swipes' in an assigned parking deck when registering for one of our programs. Purchase additional swipes as needed at a rate of $25/5 swipes.  *Number of preloaded "swipes" prorated based on time of program registration.

  • Two 20 Trip MARTA Breeze Cards.  We will give you one MARTA card loaded with 20 Trips per semester.

  • 10 Swipe Occasional Use Parking Permit and one 20 Trip MARTA card.  One Breeze card per year and the Number of preloaded “swipes” prorated based on the time program registration.

  • The one-stop source for all of your Commuting Needs. Everything about Commute Emory is focused on the power of sharing information and ideas. We’re working together to create the maximum positive impact on commuter happiness, infrastructure congestion, and environmental quality.

  • Guaranteed Ride Home. Offered through the Georgia Commute Options Program. Participants must register annually.

  • CarShare. Short-term car rentals on campus for registered members.

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