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Fleet Services

Emory's Fleet Services' staff provides comprehensive support for the University's vehicle fleet, from annual inspections and registration to maintenance scheduling.

Regular, methodical inspections of Emory's vehicle fleet can help avoid costly measures in the future, and make it less likely that we will encounter any unexpected surprises. Our goal is to keep Emory's vehicle assets in top condition and maintain the best cost effectiveness of our equipment.

Maintenance services are available to all Emory-owned vehicles registered with Emory Fleet Services. Vehicles not owned/operated by Emory and vehicles that have not been registered with Emory Fleet Services are not eligible for these services. 

Emory Fleet Services Contact Details

Contact Fleet Services at csfleet@emory.edu or 404.727.7207 with any questions about the status of your vehicle. 

You may visit the Fleet Services office in the Starvine parking deck (Clairmont campus). Take Emory shuttle C or E from the main campus.

Office Hours:    

Monday–Friday 9:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.







Fleet Maintenance

First Transit Shop

Contact a fleet maintenance representative to schedule service.

Office Hours:    

Monday – Friday 8:00 am–4:30 pm




1381 Dalon Road | Atlanta, GA 30306 (less than 2 miles from the center of campus)