Tuesday, Feb. 23 - Try Out the New Ebikes!

Bikeshare Program

Emory has a new e-Bikeshare program available on campus in partnership with Helbiz. The bikeshare features a fleet of electric pedal-assist bicycles accessible from 11 hubs across campus, reaching from Clairmont Campus to The Hatchery at Emory Point over to Campus Crossing, and including Woodruff PE Center, RSPH complex, and Woodruff Residential. This program is part of a larger micro mobility project with the City of Atlanta

Electric pedal-assist bikes do not have a throttle like a motorcycle. Rather, riders must start pedaling for the motor to kick in, and from there the setting can be adjusted to determine how much help the bike’s electric motor gives.

The bikeshare is a partnership between Emory’s Transportation and Parking Services and Helbiz. According to Senior Director of Transportation and Parking, Adele Clements, “Our goal with bringing the bikeshare system was to expand alternative transportation options on campus and provide our students, faculty, and staff and with more choices for navigating campus.” 

Anyone with a smartphone can download the Helbiz app for iOS or Android, create an account, scan the bike and ride anywhere within the service area. Speed reduction zones have been marked on the map. It costs $1 to unlock and 30 cents per minute of ride time and monthly subscriptions are also available.

The e-bikes, which are GPS-enabled, can be taken anywhere in the Atlanta system but will be available at specified locations while on the Emory Campus. Riders are encouraged to park in these Hubs but may also park near an existing bike rack. Helbiz is offering a 20% discount to Emory University and Healthcare students and staff for the Spring 2021 semester by using your Emory email address to sign up and the $1 unlock fee will be waived until March 22.

As part of the company’s Covid-19 safety guidelines, each device will come equipped with hand sanitizer for riders to easily access before and after rides. This is in addition to establishing increased hygiene and safety standards for staff when they work around the city and within the Atlanta warehouse where the devices are housed. All vehicles will also be cleaned and disinfected multiple times a day.

Staff Advisor for the Emory Spokes Council and founder of Emory Bike Social, Benjamin Kasavan, is “excited for the increased options and availability of light individual transportation modes around campus and the potential to use these in place of ride hailing apps for short distance trips across campus.”