Frequently Asked Questions:

Parking / Fines and appeals


How can I appeal a parking ticket?


Any vehicle owner/operator receiving a parking violation notice may contest that violation if there are grounds for appeal. Appeals of violation notices must be submitted to the TPS Appeals Committee (in writing) within seven (7) calendar days of the violation. Lack of knowledge of Emory parking regulations does not constitute valid grounds for appeal.

Citation appeals must be received within seven (7) calendar days of the date of issuance. The elapse of seven calendar days results in the violator's forfeiture of the right to appeal the citation.

Appeals for parking violations are heard by the TPS Appeals Committee. This committee is composed of employee and student representatives. The committee meets monthly during the academic year to adjudicate written appeals. The appellant will be notified of the committee's decision in writing after the appeal hearing. The committee's decision will be reached on the merits of the submitted written appeal and with regard to Emory's parking regulations. If the committee upholds the citation, the fine must be paid within seven (7) calendar days.

Appeals may be submitted in one of the following ways:

  • In the form of a letter addressed to the Emory TPS Appeals Committee, c/o Emory Transportation and Parking Services, 1945 Starvine Way, Suite 400B, Decatur, GA 30033;

  • via email to

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